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Access Doors

Fire-Rated Insulated Door for All Surface Types

Fire-Rated Access Doors

PFI: Fire-rated insulated door for all surface types

PFU: Fire-rated insulated upward-opening door for ceiling only

PFN: Fire-rated uninsulated door for walls only


General-Purpose Access Doors

CTA: Revolutionary adjustable general-purpose access door

CTR: Door with hidden flange for all surface types

AHD: General purpose door for all surface types


Recessed Access Doors

AHA: Recessed access door without flange


Security Access Doors

MDS: Medium security door for all surface types

PHS: High security door for all surface types


Specialty Access Doors

LHD: Heavy duty door for large opening

PAL: Insulated aluminium door for all surface types

DRD: Draft stop door for attics

SFM: Surface-mounted door

RPL: Removable plastic door


Cabinets / Valve Boxes

BTA: Cabinet / Valve Box with hidden flange

BTV; Cabinet / Valve Box with window and hidden flange


Floor Hatches

PPA - Flush aluminium floor hatches


Roof Hatches

TRH: Roof hatch


Non-standard sized access doors manufactured in 5 business days.

Custom access doors manufactured in 10 business days.

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