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Channel Nuts and Washers

Channel Nuts and Hardware


Nuts Spring Nut Clamping Nut   
Washers Square WasherGuided Square WasherSaddle Washer


Strut Fittings

Strut Fittings


Plates Splice Plate Swivel Plate
  Flat Angle Plate Four-Hole Connecting Plate
  Tee Plate Cross Plate
  Flat Corner Connector Flat Connector Flat Cross Connector
Angles Two-Hole End Angle Two-Hole Corner Angle
  Slotted Adjustment AngleSlotted 90-Degree Angle One-Hole Angle
Corner Connectors Four-Hole Corner Connector Corner Connector
  Tee Plate 90-Degree Angle Right-Hand Four-Hole Corner Connector
  Three-Hole Corner Joint ConnectorFour-Hole Corner Joint Connector 
  Right-Hand Angle Plate ConnectorCross Plate Angle
  Right-Hand Angle Tee PlateFive-Hole Joint Angle Connector
Slotted Corner Connectors Slotted Corner Connector1-5/8 Offset Zee Connector
  Double-Slotted Corner Connector
Angle Connectors Two-Hole Closed-Angle Connector Four-Hole Open-Angle Connector
Braces Strut Brace Double Adjustable Brace Diagonal Tube Brace
Hinge Connectors Two-Hole Hinge Connector Three-Hole Hinge Connector Four-Hole Hinge Connector
Offset Connectors Offset Connector  1-7/8 Offset Zee Connector
  Three-Hole Offset Plate Connector Zee Support
  2T3 Zee Support 2T3 Vertical U Support 
  2T3 Horizontal U Support Middle U Support
  Top U Support Slotted U Support
  Cup Support for Standard Single Strut Six-Hole U Support
  Eight-Hole Horizontal 2T3 U Support Eight-Hole Vertical 2T3 U Support
  Right-Hand Two-Hole Corner Connector Right-Hand Wrap-Around Corner Connector
   Four-Hole Double Corner ConnectorFive-Hole Double-Wing Connector
  Six-Hole Triple Wing Connector
Gussetted corner connectors Universal Corner Connector Right-Hand Single-Corner Gussetted Connector
  Ten-Hole Gussetted Double-Wing Connector Eight-hole Double-Gussetted Double Corner Connector
   Eight-Hole Triple-Gussetted Double Corner ConnectorRight-Hand Six-Hole Gussetted Corner Connector
Clevises Two-Hole Splice Clevis Three-Hole Splice Clevis Four-Hole Splice Clevis
  Slotted Joiner Inside Clevis Hanger
Bases Post Base Post Base (Corner)
  Double-Column Post Base (2T3) Double-Column Post Base (Closed Stand)



Wrap-Around Channel BracketInterlocking Channel Bracket

  Reversible Channel BracketSingle Channel Bracket Support
  Shelf Bracket Right-Hand Shelf Bracket
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