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Sanding and Finishing

Whether it's sanding discs, flap wheels, shop rolls and sheets or hand finishing abrasives, as the metal finishing industry evolves, these classic solutions to industrial manufacturing remain an integral part of quality cleaning and preparation.


The fine detail required for metal finishing requires the best in terms of products and tools. Metal finishing is unforgiving, and the proper tools mean increased efficiency, time, and therefore profit. Canadian Fasteners Hegedus understands this and offers products to ensure you get the finish you are looking for the first time, every time. Working with the most stringent clients, in the manufacture of luxury and specialty metal projects, polishing to a mirror finish, brushed stainless for the food preparation industry or for high-end design… Put us to the test! You won't be disappointed.


Sanding Discs
  • Sanding Discs
Flap Wheels
  • Flap Wheels
Shop Roll
  • Shop Rolls
Hand Sheets
  • Hand Sheets
Hand Pads
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