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Attention to detail

Canadian Fasteners Hegedus has the solutions to even the most complex fastener-related problems. We draw on comprehensive resources: our innovative team of technical experts, our responsive customer service department, and our stringent order management.


A wide spectrum of customers and industries

Canadian Fasteners Hegedus caters to major corporations and small businesses across many industries, and in diversified sectors:

  • Steel: filters, manufacturing plants, builders, manufacturers of boilers and large components, distributors of industrial equipment and accesories, drilling industry.
  • Engineering
  • Irrigation systems and equipment
  • Electricity: transmission lines, turbines, machinery and equipment.
  • Heavy machinery
  • Construction material: manufacturers and wholesalers.
  • Metals: manufacturers and wholesalers.
  • Mining: accessories and equipment.
  • Pulp and paper: equipment and accessories for saw mills and paper mills.
  • Petrochemical: refinery installations and pipelines.
  • Plumbing
  • Bridges and docks: builders

Canadian Fasteners Hegedus can satisfy your company's needs, in whatever sector you focus your activities.


Don't hesitate to call on us!